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Prufrock - T.S. Eliot

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DATUM: april 2016
ISBN: 9789492313119
TAAL: Nederlands


De poëzie van Eliot begon niet met een gongslag, maar con sordino. De gedempte toon van zijn debuut werd overstemd door het kanongebulder van de Eerste Wereldoorlog. In juni 1917 sloten de Verenigde Staten zich aan bij de geallieerden, in dezelfde maand publiceerde de Amerikaanse dichter zijn eerste bundel. Op het omslag prijkte onder de titel Prufrock de naam van de achtentwintigjarige auteur: T.S. Eliot.Voor deze tweetalige uitgave werd Prufrock and Other Observations, zoals de volledige titel van de debuutbundel luidt, voor het eerst integraal vertaald en van een nawoord voorzien door Eliotkenner Paul Claes.

...liot's work, questions societal norms and points out the flawed living of empty social rituals and linguistic cliches (Damrosch 733) ... The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Summary | Shmoop ... . It is a story that echoes into today's hollow society and tells the tale of one man's experience with unrequited love and a greater longing for something bigger than "tea and cakes and ices" (Eliot 736). The initial reception to The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, by T.S. Eliot, can be summed up in a contemporary review published in The Times Literary Supplement, on the 21st of June 1917.The anonym ... T.S. Eliot - Wikipedia ... .S. Eliot, can be summed up in a contemporary review published in The Times Literary Supplement, on the 21st of June 1917.The anonymous reviewer wrote: "The fact that these things occurred to the mind of Mr. Eliot is surely of the very smallest importance to anyone, even to himself. Prufrock awarded A good food award 2020.. San Francisco, CA (November 5, 2019) - As it celebrates its 10th anniversary, the Good Food Foundation is proud to announce the 307 companies in the running for a 2020 Good Food Award. With a demonstrated commitment to environmental stewardship and growing their businesses in harmony with a better food system, these outstanding crafters represent the ... End of Project Gutenberg's Prufrock and Other Observations, by T. S. Eliot *** END OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK PRUFROCK AND OTHER OBSERVATIONS *** ***** This file should be named 1459-h.htm or ***** This and all associated files of various formats will be found in: ... T. S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock demonstrates several Modernist ideas. In particular, by frequently employing imagery, repetition, alliteration, assonance, rhetorical questions and references, creatively shaping lines and sentences and weaving in ambiguity and uncertainty in his words, Eliot includes Modernist characteristics in his work. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, dramatic monologue by T.S. Eliot, published in Poetry magazine in 1915 and in book form in Prufrock and Other Observations in 1917. The poem consists of the musings of Prufrock, a weary middle-aged man haunted by the feeling that he has lost both youth and Phone: 800-998-2208 • Fax: 800-240-0333 • P.O. Box 8813, Waco, TX 76714-8813...