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The World's Finest Railway Yourneys - M. Kers

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DATUM: 2007-08-15
ISBN: 9789058977595
TAAL: Nederlands


Travelling by train through Australia, Peru, Zimbabwe, Russia, China, Germany, Ecuador, Scotland, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand, Martin Kers shows that even in our efficiency-dominated age, travelling can be so much more than moving from point A to point B. His images reveal, in no uncertain terms, that it's still possible to experience the romance of travel anywhere in the world and to behold the most magnificent landscapes and scenery along the way. With more than 2,000 photographs he documents the world's finest railway journeys. Accompanying the photographs are stories and anecdotes about the history of the train routes. Martin Kers' work has been exhibited around the world, including: Canon Image Center, Amsterdam; The Japan Galerie, Brussels; Ginza, Tokyo; Expo '90, Osaka, Japan; and, Expo '92, Barcelona, Spain.

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